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Screenshot of pixe app


My attempt at being social.

A fun little app that groups users of similar interest together to share their content to a number of subscribers. It's not exactly social, but it is a better way to share and collaborate. 

Screenshot of catch the ball app

Catch The Ball

Wild gooose chase.

This is a pretty fun app. Basically the user drops a virtual ball in the city and it bounce about a mile away to a random cafe or coffee shop.  It is Super useful for finding new shops and urban exploration.

Screenshot of entranda app


Private Athletic Coaching for all

I built this app for a company called VarsityPrep. Their goal is to connect young athletes with adequate and afordable private athletic coaching. So through the use of this app, parents with young athletes can find varsity and collegait level coaches to train and mentor their kids.

Screenshot of reminder app

Remind Where

So I won't forget when I get somewhere.

A simple productivity app that reminds me of something when I approach a certain location. After a long day I forget to pick things up or run errands on the way home, so this was my "life hack." Super simple and super helpful!

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